From The Editors: What Counterpoint Offers                                                          
Incidents on 57th Street                                                                                            
Winning Silicon Valley by Kevin Jiang                                                                      
       How conservatives can appeal to the surging American web-culture
World Managers by Michael Talent                                                                  
       Describing a coherent American foreign policy
The Party of (No) Principle by Etan Heller                                                        
       The Libertarian Party’s disintegrated and misintegrated philosophy of liberty
Wishing Away Uncertainty by Josh Lerner                                                          
       The problems of climate science and the dangers of policy projections
Family, Community, and the Free Market by Ajay Ravichandran                                   
       A difficult tension for the conservative mind
A Symposium on the Common Core		
       Josh Lerner                                                  
       Bryant Jackson-Green                                                                                               
       Jeremy Rozansky                                                                        
       Meir Dardashti                                                                                       
       Cory Liu                                                                               
       K. Paul Dueck
Michael Talent - Online Exclusive
Babel and Politics by Jeremy Rozansky                         
       Genesis 11’s instructions for the conservative
Books in Review
On The Death of Conservatism                                                          
       Josh Lerner reviews The Death of Conservatism by Sam Tannenhaus
God Only Knows                                                                                      
       Jeremy Rozansky reviews Why Are Jews Liberals? by Norman Podhoretz
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     Excerpts from A People’s History of Howard Zinn
Special Online Section

Squeezing the Middle by Andrew Peters
     What Republicans Should Learn from the 2006 Democratic Electoral Success

Bob McDonnell, Pragmatism, and Local Elections by Josh Lerner What Republicans Should Learn from Virginia and Massachusetts